EXTRA-29030 - USA (California) - Classification and Compensation Study Services - Deadline June 23,2023

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Government Authority located in California; USA based organization looking for expert vendor for classification and compensation study services.

[*] Budget: Looking for Proposal

[*] Scope of Service:

(1) Vendor needs to provide classification and compensation study services to the government authority located in California.
- Develop a compensation philosophy, a comprehensive classification and compensation plan, a comprehensive set of position descriptions, and a final compensation study including compensation surveys.
- Provide a market analysis of the total compensation, and make recommendations for improvements to ensure the Air District remains fair, equitable and competitive.
A. Communication:
• Meet with Air District to review, discuss and finalize needs assessment and project goals, process, schedule, and other administrative duties.
• Assist in the development of an employee communications plan to explain the process and implementation of recommendations. In coordination with the Air District, hold information and briefing sessions with Air District staff as needed.
B. Compensation Philosophy
• Identify the appropriate labor market. In coordination with the Air District’s strategic planning efforts, identify the labor market including geographic regions and representative employers where the Air District must be competitive in recruiting employees.
• Provide compensation package component analysis identifying the components of compensation (e.g. Salary, benefits) that should be offered at market plus, market rate or market minus based on the identified labor markets, and the compensation philosophy statement.
C. Classification Plan:
Classification Plan
• Review existing classification specifications and propose recommendations for amendments, additions, or deletions to existing classification plan.
• Conduct surveys and/or interviews with employees in single classification classifications, a representative sample of employees in multiple classifications, and appropriate management personnel to validate the information.
• Provide analysis of existing internal hierarchy and internal career ladders where appropriate and assist with efforts to more fully develop and clearly outline job progression opportunities and provide recognizable compensation growth.
• Evaluate classification specifications of exempt and nonexempt to ensure compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act
• Create or revise the classification structure with recommendations for assignment for all positions within this structure commensurate with level of complexity, responsibility, knowledge, skills, and abilities, and/or other compensable factors. Provide knowledge, skills, and abilities and/or other compensable factors. Provide implementation plan for future internal administration.
D. Position Descriptions:
• Conduct surveys and/or interviews with employees in single classifications, a representative sample of employees in multiple classifications, and appropriate management personnel to identify distinct positions within each classification.
• Analyze each proposed classification to determine the positions that would exist within each classification and develop position descriptions for each position.
E. Compensation Study and Compensation Surveys:
• Review the effectiveness of the Air District’s compensation practices as it pertains to current classifications and propose an effective compensation plan consistent with the proposed future classification plan.
• Conduct a comprehensive analysis of current compensation practices, recommend improvement, and suggest plans to address issues including, but not limited to, competitive benchmarking with target comparison markets, internal equity assessment, competitive salary analysis, index or standards for general salary increases, longevity pay, pay for performance, pay compression, retention, hard-to fill positions, and planning for future market-based adjustments
• Conduct total compensation surveys that establish competitive salary levels and benefit levels for benchmark classifications that provide a rigorous compensation comparison with the identified target markets consistent with the established compensation philosophy.
• Based on the compensation surveys, recommend compensation levels, range spread, and range placement for classifications based on market survey and compensation philosophy.
• Recommend pay progression methods to include sound practices to prevent salary bypassing and mitigate pay compression. Bidder’s implementation recommendations must address any pay equity issues discovered as part of this compensation analysis.
(2) All questions must be submitted no later than June 9, 2023.

[*] Eligibility:

Onshore (USA Organizations Only)

[*] Work Performance:

Performance of the work will be Offsite. Vendor needs to carry work in their office location.

[*] Proposal Submission:

Response can be submitted digitally via Email or Online.

Expiry Date : Friday, 23 June, 2023

Question Answer Deadline : Friday, 9 June, 2023

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Country : USA

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